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Domain Registration And Hosting

free_86097At Kujahapa we offer WEB and SMS hosting solutions at affordable rates, in a world where the future is painted by how fast one can see yourproduct or you can show case your offering, a website is a great front for that, below you will find the pricing for domain registration and hosting.

Bulk SMS Services 

At Kujahapa we believe in come here to DIY (Do It Yourself), the benefits of do it yourself include among others;

  • Control on content and formatting
  • Control on scheduling
  • Control on real time updates on who received and who didn’t
  • Control in your hands

Just like our hosting, we offer DIY services to ensure that you see what you get but most of all have the ability to determine any outcome.

Bulk SMS Rates 

To All Uganda Networks a flat rate of 100Sh Per SMS for all networks.

Audio broadcasting

As we move further into the digital age, we find ourselves more and more tuned to the internet, it goes without saying that having radio presence online goes a long way in the long run in keeping your listeners upto date and your advertisers happy, Kujahapa has a full service offering for the same at affordable rates.

Consultancy Services

No one can be an expert in everything and no one can fail to be an expert in something, that said, just like the name boldly states, kujahapa, for the none Swahili Speakers it means “Come Here”, we offer some services to make you sleep better but most of all get the best value for money.

  • Site build consultancy
  • Site security consultancy
  • Site revenue value consultancy
  • Site advertising consultancy

Web Hosting Rates

** Domains at 84,800 UGX for .com, .net, .biz and 132,000 UGX for annually

1 GB Storage Space
2 MySql Databases
10Email accounts
Latest CPanel
500MB Bandwidth
PHP, MySQL,Joomla, etc
Free Web Applications
99.9% Network uptime
222,000 UGXper year

19,500 UGX / month

5 GB Storage Space
5 MySql Databases minimum
30Email accounts
Latest CPanel
1GB Bandwidth
PHP, MySQL,Joomla, etc
Free Web Applications
99.9% Network uptime
280,000 UGX / year

24,300 UGX / month

10 GB Storage Space
10 MySql Databases minimum
(Extra DBs can be requested)
Unlimited Email accounts
Latest CPanel
5GB Bandwidth
PHP, MySQL,Joomla, etc
Free Web Applications
99.9% Network uptime
360,000 UGX / year

32,000 UGX / month

How to sign up:

Very Simple, leave a comment and we shall get back to you.